Interactive Map: Human and Animal resources

Don't know where to go for you and your pets? Check out the map!

These are the resources cited by participants in One Health’s “Health for Homeless Youth and Companion Animals” research project for access to:

  • shelter and drop-in services (blue for under 18, purple for 18+)

  • health services for human & animal (red)

  • food and supplies for human & animal (green)

Tap on a colored pin, and basic info about that resource will pop up.  You can also tap the square icon in the top left by the title to pull up the legend.

If you know of a resource or service that should be put on the map, please let us know!


Additional resources (off the map)

There are some great resources that are not really map-able, since they are online or through Facebook. Please check them out through the links below


  1. Tent Cities:

Food and supplies:

  1. Seattle Dogs Homeless Program on Facebook

    - Email:

  2. The Squeaky Toy on Facebook

  3. Seattle Homeless Outreach on Faceboo

  4. The Love Van by Union Gospel Mission's Search and Rescue:

  5. Pasados

Additional income via Ongoing Additional Resources (OAR):

(Resources gathered and vetted by Vickie Ramirez, Gemina Garland-Lewis and the One Health research team, 8/19/19. Cover photo by Gemina Garland-Lewis.)

About One Health Research

In 2018, the UW’s Center for One Health Research (COHR) began a ‘Health for Homeless Youth and Companion Animals’ project to focus on the human-animal bond between homeless youth and their companion animals. Also, COHR has created and began an innovative “One Health” clinic that treats the provides joint human-animal health care two times a month on a Wednesday.

The One Health Clinic schedule can be found on Facebook by clicking here