CSEC: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

Youth and young adults who are homeless are at a greater risk of being commercially and sexually exploited as a result of their vulnerable status. 

While this is a difficult subject to talk about, it is important to not only acknowledge that commercial sexual exploitation is happening, but do what we can to combat it head-on. The commercial sexual exploitation of children, and human trafficking more broadly, has been justifiably named 'modern day slavery', and we must work bravely towards abolishing it. 

To start, we've created a space here on our website to highlight both community-led and government resources in Seattle and King County for survivors and their communities to receive support, help and assistance. Below, we've also posted a few direct resources for you to access and share. 

Organizations and task forces

Seattle Against Slavery "works to prevent trafficking before it starts, identify and connect victims with resources, and make sure survivors have the support they need to move on with their lives." This organization has many resources to offer for further education as well as volunteer and advocacy opportunities. 


The Bridge Continuum of Services for Sexually Exploited Youth - "This year in Seattle, 300–500 girls and boys will be bought and sold. -- YouthCare's Bridge Continuum is their best way out.

It provides specialized services to youth and young adults who have experienced (or are at risk of experiencing) sexual exploitation. These specialized services include case management, emergency shelter, long-term housing, education, employment training, and access to mental health and chemical dependency counseling."


Organization for Prostitution Survivors - Ending Exploitation Collaborative - "brings together survivors, community service organizations, businesses and local prosecuting authorities to carry out a comprehensive strategy to reduce demand and facilitate exit from prostitution.Addressing demand and providing survivor services is the only proven way to end commercial sexual exploitation. Past practice punished prostituted people instead of those who caused the harm: the sex buyers. The cycle of prostitution-related crime and sex trafficking persisted and victims continued to be harmed. This new approach engages multiple sectors of society to reduce harm to exploited persons and hold exploiters accountable"


REST - "Real Escape from the Sex Trade is an independent 501c3, Washington State Charitable Nonprofit Organization. REST was founded in November 2009 by a small team of women with experience dealing with troubled youth and sexual abuse issues, and other members of the team with backgrounds in wraparound services and case management to develop relationships with people being commercially sexually exploited (trafficked), or otherwise engaged in the sex trade or are at risk to enter." 


Center for Children and Youth Justice (CCYJ) - A Washington-based policy and advocacy group that combats sexual exploitation of children through: 

  • Collecting statewide data to learn more about commercially sexually exploited children. 

  • Implementing a statewide protocol to reduce child prostitution. 

  • Building a victim-centered response network to support children. 


King County CSEC Task Force - "The mission of the King County CSEC Task Force is to ensure the safety and support of commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC) and to prevent further exploitation." This task force offers trainings to people who come into contact with sexually exploited children, as well as resources on their web page.