Interactive Map

Don't know where to go? Check out the map!

We have created an interactive map of resources throughout the U District, Seattle and King County that includes places to get food, shelter, social services, medical care and more. Take a look around and see what we've included in the area. Click on an icon, and basic info about that resource will pop up. 

There are so many resources offered in the Seattle Metro area that we could not include them all! This is just the beginning. If you think there is a resource or service that should be put on the map, please let us know.

(Resources gathered and vetted by Anna Humphreys and Samantha Fredman, 2/5/18)

Calendar of services and resources

The map above covers the "where", but you also need to know the "when".

- Is it Tuesday and you need someone to look at your injured foot? We can help you find that.

- Are you planning on going to the U District this Friday, and want a meal or some groceries while you're there? We can help you find that too! 

Throughout February, we are working on building a calendar that helps you navigate when to find the right resource or service. Much like the different icons on the map above, we've organized each calendar by type, such as 'Shelter', 'Health' or 'Mental Health and Addiction Help'. Take a look at each calendar to get an idea of what services are offered each day of the week in the U District, Seattle and the metro area.

(If you want to see the "full page" calendar, just click on the green title for each one.)

Health Resources & Services