Resources for UW Students

Any Hungry Husky Food Pantry

Any Hungry Husky Food Pantry

As a part of the Homelessness Research Initiative, the Doorway Project is committed to helping provide better resources for students experiencing housing and food insecurity.

We've made a list below of some ways that the University can provide assistance to undergraduate and graduate students:

- Any Hungry Husky

- UW Seattle Student Life Resources (including mental health)

 - Adjustments to UW Financial Aid

- Emergency Aid at UW-Seattle

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National Resources, Programs and Awareness for College Students in Need

“Homeless Student’s Guide” - by Amy Dunning. A widespread guide for some resources to consider and programs focus on for student’s experiencing homelessness.

”Support for College Students Experiencing Food Insecurity” - National-level food insecurity statistics, and helpful guidelines for college and university students to access the food they need.