Our partners are crucially important to addressing the crisis of homelessness in Seattle and King County.

Partners contribute time, funds, or other resources in a collaborative effort to achieve our mission.

U District Community partners

Lead Community Partner

  • YouthCare will help "coordinate cafĂ© operations and the availability of resources and information from various social services." We are excited to build and collaborate this project together through their youth drop-in center at University District Youth Center (UDYC), as well as through the many other excellent programs and services that YouthCare offers. 

Collaborating Community Partners

Collaboration and working together is crucial to making The Doorway Project a success. The following is a list of businesses, services agencies, and community centers in the U District, as well as Seattle, that have already helped this project take off in extraordinary ways. 

University of Washington Partners

Washington State Partners


Often, when we describe The Doorway Project to people, it can be hard to clearly explain all the moving parts and people involved. Sometimes, words fall short. So, we decided to make a diagram.

What does it look like to you? An octopus? A spiderweb? A neural network? A subway map? We think it looks like community innovation happening right here in the U District. 

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