Seattle Times: Homeless people sometimes take better care of their pets than themselves; this clinic helps them

Credit: Courtney Pedroza/Seattle Times

Credit: Courtney Pedroza/Seattle Times

Homeless people with pets are usually criticized and sometimes turned away from shelters. But that’s starting to change. Read the whole article at:

Seattle Times: University District Food Bank addresses hunger and community


"The food-bank facilities occupy the building’s first floor and roof; the nonprofit Low Income Housing Institute oversees 49 studios and apartments on the other floors, including 20 set aside for homeless young adults. Street Bean Coffee Roasters, a job-training program for homeless youth, operates a coffee shop with a separate entrance on the ground floor.

The actual food bank looks more like a supermarket than anything else, one with limits on some categories but no price tags. It’s a big departure from traditional setups, where people in need line up for prepacked bags of canned goods."

Read the whole article at:

Announcement: SECOND Doorway Project Pop-Up Cafe!

Join us for our SECOND Pop Up Cafe at U Heights Center! 

This is a free, family-friendly event for everyone who lives, works, or plays in Seattle's University District. 

Live music, community mapping, warm beverages, food trucks. There will be a "Pay-It-Forward" model and no one will be turned away for lack of funds! 

Seattle Times: A Cafe Where No One is Homeless: One Solution to Youth on Seattle Streets

Credit: Erika Schultz/Seattle Times

Credit: Erika Schultz/Seattle Times

"Homeless youth are often kicked out of cafes in the cold winter months when it’s not easy to be outside. Yet in the U District, many youth don’t choose to take shelter or access services. So advocates are experimenting with opening a cafe for them.”

Read the whole article at:

A cafe to solve youth homelessness? UW is getting innovative | KUOW News and Information



"Kim Malcolm talks with University of Washington nursing professor Josephine Ensign about the Doorway Project, the UW's effort to address youth homelessness.

The long-term goal of the project is to open a navigation center and hub in the University District that caters to homeless young people. Ensign is coordinator of the project."

Take a listen to this excellent KUOW interview on All Things Considered with one of our team leaders, Dr. Josephine Ensign. LISTEN HERE

The Daily: New Front Against Youth Homelessness Comes as Other Services Struggle

Credit: Caean Couto/The Daily

Credit: Caean Couto/The Daily

"A banjo cover of Elton John’s “Rocket Man” carried through the parking lot, an unlikely ode to the newest effort to alleviate homelessness in the U-District.

That effort, the Doorway Project, aims to establish a community hub for homeless youth. The UW-led initiative of students, faculty, and community service providers, will host quarterly pop-up cafes before setting up a permanent location that doubles as a navigation center, connecting homeless youth with local services. 

Read the whole article by Max Wasserman here: CONTINUE READING

KOMO News: "UW community launches new effort to combat youth homelessness"

Credit: KOMO News

Credit: KOMO News

"Just days after King County leaders talked about creating a new task force to tackle the homelessness problem, the University of Washington community launched a new effort Sunday to combat youth homelessness.

The innovative idea, called The Doorway Project, has $1 million in new state funds to help. It's hoping UW, in partnership with faculty, students and community agencies, will collaborate to develop a new neighborhood hub and navigation center for the homeless"

To read the whole article on the KOMO News website, click here: CONTINUE READING


UW Press Release: UW's Doorway Project Kicks Off Services for Homeless Youth


"Seattle’s homeless crisis isn’t confined to one part of town – nor does it hinge on one solution.

The University District community includes as much as one-third of King County’s homeless youth over any given year. It’s a neighborhood where a food bank and youth shelter are available, and where young people on the streets can blend in.

But more needs to be done in the U District and beyond to help homeless young adults become self-sufficient over the long term.

Now the University of Washington, in a partnership among faculty, student and community service agencies – and with $1 million in state funding over two years – is launching The Doorway Project, an effort to establish a neighborhood hub and navigation center specifically for homeless young people."

Please check out the whole press release here: "UW’s Doorway Project kicks off services for homeless youth"

Pop-Up Café Coming Soon!

Our first Pop-Up Café is happening on December 3rd, from Noon-4pm at U-Heights Community Center. This is a free event and all are invited!

Come enjoy the musical stylings of Aaron Shay ( and Moody (, as well as other artists, to be announced soon!

We plan to be serving complimentary hot coffee and cocoa for all, and will be hosting two food trucks on-site to provide warm, nourishing food. There will be a "Pay-It-Forward" model, and no one will be turned away for lack of funds! 

Come meet others in the U District community! 

Like, comment and share on our Facebook event page, linked here.