Summer Pop-Up Cafe Details, and the Pay-It-Forward Model in Action!



As promised, the Doorway Project team is excited to share with you some details about our Summer Pop-Up Cafe event. On Friday, August 24th, with support from Seattle Public Library and Street Bean Coffee, we will be hosting an event on the lawn of the University District Public Library. From Noon to 4pm, we will be hosting community members and service providers to join us for a Summer afternoon of music, community and connections. For this event, we are focusing on connecting youth and young adults with resources for education and employment!

As you may know, the Pop-Up Cafe events are living models for the community cafe design that we are building towards. A pay-it-forward model sits firmly at the foundation of this project, and we have just recently gotten a GoFundMe page up and running through our UW student group. This will be an ongoing fund that will directly support youth and young adults via meals at all of our events going forward!


Please feel free to learn more, share, and contribute at this link here:

If you want to see some of the resources and important updates we've added, please visit our new Glossary section on this site as well as our Facebook page.

As always, please reach out to us if you'd like to connect more or help with any events. We love to hear from our community!