"The University District Food Bank addresses hunger and community"


Rebecca Denn, 2/10/18, Seattle Times - 

"FROM A DISTANCE, the University Commons building is indistinguishable from any other condo-mixed-use-four-story project lining New Seattle’s streets.

By the front gate, differences come into focus.

The first hint is the gate itself, a metalwork design by Northwest artist Nikki McClure, beloved for her paper-cut illustrations embracing families and food. The branching apple tree she crafted brims with abundance and warmth.

The food-bank facilities occupy the building’s first floor and roof; the nonprofit Low Income Housing Instituteoversees 49 studios and apartments on the other floors, including 20 set aside for homeless young adults. Street Bean Coffee Roasters, a job-training program for homeless youth, operates a coffee shop with a separate entrance on the ground floor.

The actual food bank looks more like a supermarket than anything else, one with limits on some categories but no price tags. It’s a big departure from traditional setups, where people in need line up for prepacked bags of canned goods."